Television & Film
MFocusMedia offer a high-tech but cost effective solution to meet the high-end demands of cinematography. We work with producers, directors and advertising agencies to provide footage for the most demanding television, film and commercial projects.

Real Estate
We produce top-quality videos for virtual tours, and vibrant aerial details for residential homes, commercial properties and industrial properties. Additionally, we produce detailed imagery for safety inspections, construction projects, building assessments, and crystal-clear details. Whether you are a Realtor, developer, or investor—the photos and videos our we can boost your marketing and sales efforts.

Drone Services
Looking for something other than traditional video/photo to cover your event or film? Get a professional, cinematic video/photos from an entirely new perspective.

Special Events
Whether you desire the magical moments of your wedding or blow-by-blow images of sporting and other special events we can capture these moments in breathtaking perspectives that more traditional methods cannot accomplish.

Sports highlight
We have a major advantage in our service is our experience of what college coaches are looking for. With a background as in college athletics and coaching ourselves, we have an extensive knowledge of what college coaches are looking for on those highlight videos in a number of sports. We have also spent a great deal of time working and developing one on one training with the players to enhance their skills.

Corporate Marketing
Marketing projects and campaigns are critical elements of the success of your business and other interests. In the highly competitive corporate world, people often do judge a book by its cover and first impressions are key. We create cutting-edge, descriptive, high-resolution imagery that tout your expertise and abilities in your industry. We can provide you with crystal-clear images for use on websites, television, printed marketing collateral, billboards, banners, and other pieces that cleverly depict your endeavors.

Streaming Services
We can broadcast live on the web with multi-bitrates & multi-format streaming and with live record to on demand. Our online video platform empowers content owners to reach more screens, at better quality, while providing powerful management features for your media distribution.

Media Transfer
We transfer VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV and even the old Betamax videotape to DVD/Blu-ray or external hard drive for PCs or Macs. We can also transfer your audio cassettes and LP albums to CD or any of the popular formats like MP3, ITunes, Windows Media and WAV.

Website Design and Marketing
Differentiate your brand with a beautiful, mobile-friendly website that converts visitors into customers. Mobile-Friendly design that works across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Engage visitors and give your business instant credibility with a visually impressive, professional design. Search engine friendly architecture and traffic analytics that make your website SEO-ready from the start.

IT Support and Services
One thing that is different from our competitors we offer full range of IT services. Our IT services are performed on-site by qualified IT Techs. We feature reliable, expert service and solutions at competitive pricing. When you need fast, expert help setting up, maintaining and managing your business computer systems.